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GG Pod System!

For any that don't know Imeo has been his usual busy self and has designed a new pod system. I think I'm right in saying that it is still in development at the moment but he has posted a few images on the Golden Greek Freaks page. It would appear that the name for the new system will be Regal S.

So far I think its looking very good and could be the perfect entry model for people getting into vaping and more importantly getting into Golden Greek ecigs. The pod system market has really boomed the last few years and this is a smart move by Imeo. What remains to be seen is the actual pod system, is it refillable, rebuildable? That would be great.

No info yet as to a release date but as usual I will keep you informed.

Cybrillion V3 is here!

Imeo has recently uploaded a video to Youtube describing the operation of the new Cybrillion V3. In the video Imeo goes over how to take the device apart for cleaning, maintenance, etc. You can see the video below.

Cybrillion is selling now from all retailers and no doubt will sell out fast so grab one while you can! You can see a full list of sellers HERE

Cybrillion is a simple device and the improvements made over the old design look really good. A nice solid start to the year for Golden Greek.

Bonus News

A recent post by Imeo concerning the iAtty was made on the Golden Greek Freaks page and makes for some interesting reading. The following quote is from Imeo.

Hi guys. On Greek page a Greek friend asked me to make Iatty again but improved, to fit the today needs, so we tried together to develop a new style of Iatty. We started with the classic design and added 2 posts so iatty will work with no NR wire. Then we put the upper plastic lower, then we made lower plastic metallic, then we made the upper plastic metallic too, then we add a different ceramic, we put some engravings and the reloaded iatty was born. Soon I will make a video like the one I made for the Greeks and post it here.
We will work with preorders on this one. If you are interested for this reborn iatty, you can preorder it from the usual GG stores.
iAtty was the first rebuildable I had and it will be cool to see it get an update. Hopefully we will see the Reloaded iAtty  soon. It was a pioneer in the vaping world and is worthy of a return. I will post more news as and when it comes out.

In depth GG Amadeus review

Having problems with your Amadeus? Want to know how to use it? Qorax has you covered. He has recently uploaded a video with an in depth view of not only the Amadeus dripper but also goes over tank mode and squonk mode.


With so many variations in the way you can use the Amadeus it's good to have a guide on the ins and outs of operation. Qorax covers every small feature in detail in this nicely shot video. As well as this video Qorax has many others on GG products and other vaping devices.

Go subscribe to his channel for more videos you won't regret it. 

GG Amadeus RDTA

You probably have noticed by now that the latest and greatest from Imeo is now available in all the GG sellers shops. I am talking of course about the new GG Amadeus, the dripper that is also a tank. It has been a long wait but it has been worth it as this is a piece worth owning. As a dripper there are numerous options available from the type of draw you want to the spacing of the coil connectors.

In dripper form you can have one or two coils that are easily placed on the Velocity styled posts. The flavour, cloud production and air flow options are all great. It takes no time at all to set up and is very easy to use. The dripper features spit back protection too if you need it. Air flow is adjusted easily thanks to the design of the top cap, sealing one or two slots depending on which option you choose. A single coil body is included in the box. Also included are four different air flow pins.

Building the coils is very easy on the deck, coils are held in place by flat head screws with a spare set included in a little bag along with the usual o rings and tools. Out of the box I think I'm right in saying a squonk pin is fitted but I changed mine out for a plain 510 pin as I have yet to dabble in squonking. Again the extra pin is included.

Finally one last trick is the ability to transform into a tank with the separately sold tank unit. It is just a matter of pulling off the dripper body and slotting the tank unit on top which takes seconds. Taking off the top cap the tank is quickly filled and ready for use. As an extra feature of the Amadeus this is genius and is something I really love.

Overall I think this is a great addition to the GG line up and one that really stands out. It's good to finally have a GG dripper after so long. Imeo has come up with something that a lot of people have waited for and a lot of people will want. 

The GG Amadeus and the separate tank are on sale now from various GG sellers, the dripper costing  119 euros and the tank at 49 euros, although I notice they are sold out in a lot of places. Keep an eye on the GG forum over on ECF or on the gg-goldengreek.com site to find out when they are next available. This is one GG product you don't want to miss out on!

GG Amadeus RDA

Imeo has released a final video over on Youtube of his latest creation, GG Amadeus, the new RDA. It has been a while since he first talked about bringing an RDA out and it seems that since then he has wasted no time in developing the project. As I've mentioned before a proper RDA has always been the one thing missing from the GG line up. They are as popular as ever among vapers and don't look like going away any time soon.

The new RDA has all the features you'd expect from Imeo as you can see in the video below. Bear in mind that this is a pre-production model with a few tweaks to be made before Imeo releases it.


The move-able posts are an interesting feature for different vaping styles. Also if I understand correctly this is a squonkable RDA. Imeo seems to have thought of everything with this dripper and has approached the problems in his own unique way. Supplying the RDA with different vaping options is a big plus and more than I expected but is a huge bonus for vapers. Spit back protection that does not affect the airflow is another great feature, one that is removable if you don't need it. The drip tip provided will be made of plastic, Recoil compatible and in the future Ultem drip tips will be available. 

Finally the option to turn it into a tank pushes this RDA even further. Imeo has gone above and beyond in the creation of this RDA. There are a ton of features in this RDA which can only be appreciated once you've watched the video. The price point hasn't been decided yet but Imeo does mention a price of 109 euro's. I have no idea when these will be released but as soon as they are expect them to sell very well.

GG RDA not far away!

After a quiet spell on the Golden Greek Freaks fan page, Imeo has returned with a short announcement I have been waiting years for. It seems he is very close to having a completed sample of the new 'extreme' RDA he has been working on! 

"guys, I am sorry that I am almost away these days but I am preparing an extreme RDA. I hope that the sample will be ready in 2 weeks and I will be happy to show it to you" - Imeo

This is great news and I can't wait to see what he has come up with. The RDA market is very competitive with a huge amount of RDA's being available. But, there is always room for one more and a GG RDA is something that has been missing in a lot of fans collections. There was of course the Oddy drip mode but that was sort of an added bonus rather than a fully fledged RDA. This new creation will be the first proper GG dripper.

From Imeo's quote above the most interesting word for me is 'extreme'. Are we going to get a cloud chaser or flavour type RDA? What about it makes it extreme? Will it come in different finishes? How much will it cost? All these questions and many more should be answered in the coming weeks. I for one can't wait to find out what Imeo has been working on.